WHEN At 11.57 on Saturday 30th October a specially chartered Eurostar train will arrive at London St Pancras.

WHO Franz Timmermans(EU Commission Vice President), delegates, journalists, lobbyists and climate activists from Europe having arrived on the Eurostar will then be passing through London. They will continue their rail journey on a connecting Avanti West Coast service to Glasgow from London. They will be going to the crucial United Nations COP 26 Climate conference. Franz Timmermans is responsible for implementing the EU Green Deal and the EU Climate Law.

BUT They will have a problem making their connection between the 2 stations.

WHY Because it is not very seamless because our only high speed rail link to Europe is not very well connected to the UK rail network.

SO As most of them will have some luggage ,unless they take an expensive short taxi ride between the 2 stations, they are faced with 4 rather inconvenient choices :

1 To walk along the noisy, congested and polluted Euston Road.

2 To take a quieter walk through less polluted local housing estates which is not clearly signposted.

3 To make a lengthy transfer up and down escalators ,lifts and subways just to go one stop on the Underground.

4 To make a walk to and from bus stops just to go 2 stops on a bus along the congested Euston Road.

If the UK had invested more in our rail network since the opening of the channel tunnel in 1995, the Climate Train could have continued onto Glasgow or failing that they could have used a people-mover or travellator to connect between the 2 stations.

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