At the end of December the European Union(EU) formally launched this initiative as part of their “Green New Deal” project. There will be a series of events during the year promoting rail. We are also expecting various planned improvements to the rail network to be “speeded-up” during the year. Although the UK is no longer a member of the EU, we are hoping that they will formally support this initiative.

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Scientific evidence: rail is Covid-safe

The UIC (International Union of Railways) in December published a state-of-the-art document with examples of scientific evidence, case studies and mathematical models that shows that clusters of Covid-19 are rare on public transport and among train staff, and that the probability of becoming infected on public transport is relatively low. A separate chapter focuses on the risk perception of Covid-19 on public transport and shows that, according to recent surveys, members of the general public have said that they would be eager to return if mitigation measures are put in place.

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January 2021

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