On the 4th April 2024 all 27 EU Transport Ministers met in Brussels and issued a 20-point formal declaration outlining the most sustainable Transport Policy for the next European Parliament from 2024 to 2029. They are calling on the parliament to “Make rail transport the backbone of European mobility”. This is in stark contrast to the current UK Government’s complete lack of interest in expanding the capacity of our rail network. We can only hope that after the UK election in July, the new Government will have a more enlightened approach to rail. Even though the UK is not an EU member state, we have listed below 3 of the most important points which we believe could help our campaign:-

No2: Propose an EU-wide master plan to increase the supply of rail services for freight and passengers. The Commission must ensure that future EU policies all contribute to increasing supply and to the modal shift towards rail transport.

No 3: To ensure, through a new legislative proposal, that a passenger can easily compare, book and pay for their door-to-door train journey in a trans-European perspective, while being assured of the continuity of their journey, regardless of whether one or several rail companies are involved.

No 4: Develop a dedicated strategy for night train passenger services, including reduced fares, to offer a viable alternative to short- and medium-haul flights in Europe.

For the full 20-point declaration, please go to https://belgian-presidency.consilium.europa.eu/en/news/the-belgian-presidency-outlines-the-future-of-european-mobility-in-a-brussels-declaration/?utm_source=dsms-presidency&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Het%20Belgische%20voorzitterschap%20schetst%20de%20Europese%20mobiliteit%20van%20de%20toekomst%20in%20een%20Verklaring%20van%20Brussel

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