Below is a detailed map of the railways of Slovakia. You can zoom in by using the +/- buttons or by using the wheel on your mouse whilst hovering over the map.

This map has been extracted from the Railway Map of Europe with kind permission of the publishers.
You can purchase copies of the full map, as well as rail timetables, from The European Railway Timetable website


Slovakia has since 1993 been a separate country, with four rail passenger routes crossing into it from Czechia, its own language and the euro as its currency.
It is more rural and includes attractive areas such as the Tatra mountains and the Danube valley, which are easily accessible by train.
Bratislava, the compact capital, has Inter City trains to other major cities including Zilina, Zvolen and Kosice, and details of services can be found on the website of the main national operator ZSSK (see link below). Bratislava is an easy day excursion by train or Danube ship from Vienna. The High Tatras 40km long scenic mountain railway based in Poprad is also worth a visit.

As in neighbouring Czechia, Regiojet and Leo Express also operate some longer distance trains in Slovakia and have their own fares system. For Inter City and EuroCity trains within Slovakia a supplement is payable and in first class reservations are compulsory.


There are regular Intercity/Eurocity style services from Kosice to Budapest and from Bratislava to Budapest, Prague & Vienna.

TG October 2021