Below is a detailed map of the railways of Greece. You can zoom in by using the +/- buttons or by using the wheel on your mouse whilst hovering over the map.

This map has been extracted from the Railway Map of Europe with kind permission of the publishers.
You can purchase copies of the full map, as well as rail timetables, from The European Railway Timetable website


Greece developed its railways little in recent years but has now finally leapt into the modern age with a high speed standard gauge service between Athens and Thessaloniki: unfortunately this means that there is now only one train pair a day running on the wonderful trip over the mountains between Lianokladi, Bralos, Levadia and Athens via the famous Gorgopotamos bridge (see link below), at rather antisocial times of the day too but ideal for a day trip to the capital from Lamia. There are limited regional services towards Turkey and Serbia, as well as to Kalabaka, Florina and Volos. A new line to Patras now runs to Kiato with onward bus connection but there is no indication of when the line may be completed: there is a very limited section of the 1000mm narrow gauge line still remaining in the Peloponnese but the famous 750mm rack railway from Diakopto on the Gulf of Corinth to Kalvryta 22kms away up in the mountains is still a magical ride. More information for those with reduced mobility, carriage of cycles and online ticket purchase from the Greek Railways website (see link below).

The Balkan Flexipass can be purchased in both 2nd and 1st class for travel in Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania (only valid on CFR Calatori services), Serbia, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

DS December 2021