Below is a detailed map of the railways of Finland. You can zoom in by using the +/- buttons or by using the wheel on your mouse whilst hovering over the map.

This map has been extracted from the Railway Map of Europe with kind permission of the publishers.
You can purchase copies of the full map, as well as rail timetables, from The European Railway Timetable website


Finland has a good rail network centered on the Capital – Helsinki. The main lines link Helsinki, Turku and Tampere with all the main towns, including Oulu in the far north. There are also a few secondary lines including links from Oulu to Kolari and Kellosalka in the very far north . 1st class is called “Extra” and 2nd class is called “Eco”. All lines were built using the 1.524m Russian gauge

Intercity(IC) and S Pendolino(S) trains with 1st & 2nd class run on all the main lines at regular intervals making limited stops along the way. All tickets sold for these services include a reserved seat on a specific train. There are also a small number of 2nd class only limited stop “Express” services . Local stopping services are 2nd class only and called “Regional” trains. Tickets for all services can be bought from machines at all stations, on line or at all the 37 major station ticket offices.

NIGHT TRAINS: Night trains run from Helsinki & Tampere all the way via Oulu to Kolari and Kellosalka in the very far north .

BICYCLES: They cannot be taken on Pendolino services, but can be taken on Intercity, Regional & Night trains for a small fee, and on local trains for free.

MOBILITY ASSISTANCE: This must be booked at least 36 hours in advance by phone, on line or at one of the 37 main stations.

INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS: Regular ferries run from Umea in Sweden to Vaasa and from Stockholm to Helsinki and from Tallin in Estonia to Helsinki. A local train service involving a change of train at the border now links Haparanda in Sweden with Tornio and Kemi at the top of the Gulf of Bothnia. The service from Helsinki to St Petersburg in Russia is suspended until further notice.

NP January 2022