This map has been extracted from the Railway Map of Europe with kind permission of the publishers.
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Croatia, mainly due to the mountainous topography and the break up of the former Yugoslavia has a limited rail network much of which is single track. Journey times are not that fast, though there are plans to build fast lines from Zagreb to Rijeka and Budapest.
Zagreb has only 2-3 daily services to the 2 other main cities of Split and Rijeka . There are limited local services around Sibenik, Pula and Zadar on the Dalmatian coast and around Zagreb, Sisak Caprag, Sunja and Vinkovci inland. There are also some Regional services along the east-west main line and other lines towards Hungary north of Zagreb. Most services do not run at regular intervals.
Tickets can be bought at all staffed stations and on-line. Most trains do not need a reservation except for the “Intercity” type trains from Zagreb to Split.

BICYCLES: Cycles can be taken on most trains for a small fee and without the need to reserve.

MOBILITY ASSISTANCE: This can be arranged on line, by phone or at most staffed stations by giving 48 hours notice in advance.

INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS: There are twice daily Eurocity trains to Budapest, Ljubljana and Austria and Night trains to Austria, Germany and Switzerland.



The Slovenian rail network is based on 2 main routes crossing each other with the hub at Ljubljana – the capital city. Most of the network is electrified and only moderate speeds are possible due to the topography of the country. One line runs from Jessenice at the Austrian border to Dobova at the Croatian border and the other from Koper & Trieste on the coast to Maribor in the north-east. These 2 main lines are now being steadily modernised and improved with the help of European Union Regional Development funds.

The scenic route from Jesenice to Gorica via the Julian Alps is recommended for a day trip in the summer months.
Except for the main line from Ljubljiana to Maribor services are not very frequent nor do they usually run at regular clock face intervals. Tickets can be bought on line or at station ticket offices. There is a fine if you buy tickets from the train conductor and a small supplement for Inter City trains and some regional trains marked MV. There is also a flat rate ticket called IZLETka which allows 5 days unlimited travel on the whole network on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.

BICYCLES: They can only be taken on train where the bicycle sign is shown for a small fee.

MOBILITY ASSISTANCE: This can be booked at least 48 hours in advance
at staffed stations or by phone at least 48 hours in advance.

INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS: Regional services to Italy, Croatia and Hungary. Eurocity services to Frankfurt, Munich, Zagreb, Budapest, Trieste, Graz & Vienna. Euronight services to Austria and beyond.